The Thief by Dimitris Maniatis with Paschalis Tsarouchas directed by Stamatis Kraounakis | Every Thursday, at 21:00, unti the 2nd of April 2015

We dont know who he is. The famous bandit Yagoulas? Davelis? One of the terrible Retzou brothers? Thomas Gantaras? The thief with the gladioli? Paleokostas the Uncatchable? A persona which encompasses all of the above and much more or nothing at all, or a lunatic raving about a life which he imagined went something like that? In a place undefined in terms of time, the thief in the performance is not only an unlawful person according to current social norms , but also a contradictory polysemous human being with a peasanty staccato way of speaking, with passions and jealousy, hatred and love. A fiery character who tells his own story, his own version of History, an adversary of public order on whose head a bounty was issued because he dared to define his own set of rules. Paschalis Tsarouxas plays the role of thw Thief in text by Dimitris N. Maniatis and under the direction of Stamatis Kraounakis. Every Thursday, at 21:00 until Thursday 2nd of April 2015 in the hall of Black Box, in MCF.



  • 27.03.2015 READ World Theater Day 2015 - Message from the Polish director Krzysztof Warlikowski
  • 13.03.2015 SOON By the magic of the guitar | Presentation of the new album of Panayotis Margaris | Wednesday 18th March 2015, at 21:00
  • 3.03.2015 SOON A magical journey into the music of Sibelius | The MSO of Athens in two special performances
  • 24.02.2015 SOON Cantata Greca | Moni Ovadia interprets Yiannis Ritsos | A performance inspired by two poems by Yiannis Ritsos translated by Nicola Crocetti
  • 19.01.2015 SOON The Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra of Athens in two special performances on the 19th and 20th of January at MCF
  • From December 21, 2014 to January 3, 2015 SOON Holiday Season at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation ...for a good cause. Fairytales, Dance and Music and Storytelling
  • Saturday, 13 December 2014 READ Dancing with somebody else at MCF: 6 choreographers + 129 participants from 9 countries, aged 7 to 80 years old, in one common performance, open to the public, entitled one way ticket
  • 28.11.2014 SOON "BAAAAH!!!" A Variety Show | The new musical production by Stamatis Kraounakis, Speira Speira and Aris Vlahos at MCF
  • 21.11.2014 READ The new exhibition of paintings, sculptures and prints by Dimitris Yeros in Kapatays Art Gallery in Nicosia Cyprus
  • 7.12.2014 READ 3rd Second Hand Bazaar at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation! Sunday, December 7th, 10:00 - 18:00! We are waiting for you!
  • 4.11.2014 SOON The big Premiere of the Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra of Athens at MCF. on Monday, 10th of November 2014
  • November 2014 - January 2015 SOON Things are (even more) tough! With George Chatzipavlou, Stand up comedy about men, women, sex and life!
  • October - November 2014 SOON Stamatis Kraounakis and the Speira Speira group return in ctober & November to MCF with the musical act "The True Apology of Socrates" by Costas Varnalis, directed by Enke Fezollari
  • 7.10.2014 READ The 38th Grand Prix Maria Callas is in full progress. 16 young lyrical singers passed to the 2nd stage with 2 Greek women among them, while the members of the International Jury Committee exchange views on the present and the future of the Opera
  • November - April 2014 SOON HOMER'S ODYSSEY - The tale of tales from November at the MCF in new production & fresh take by Karmen Rouggeri
  • From Thursday 11 to Saturday 13 September 2014 INTERVIEW Emanuella Amichai shares with us thoughts of her about her own Lysistrata, Lysistrata-X
  • From Thursday 10 to Friday 25 July 2014 READ Extra Performances for "The True Apology f Socrates" by Costas Varnalis - Direction: Enke Fezollari, Socrates: Stamatis Kraounakis. Along with them on stage the music-theatrical group Speira Speira
  • From Monday 9 to Sunday 29 June 2014 READ 13th Dance Festival by the Association of Greek Choreographers
  • From Wednesday 11 to Saturday 14 June 2014 READ Michael Cacoyannis: the Greek of the World [Film Screenings: The Trojan Women, Our Last Spring, The Cherry Orchard & Open Discussion with the occasion of the film The Day the Fish Came Out] Free Entrance
  • Monday, 19 May 2014 READ The House of Cyprus invites you on Monday 19 May 2014, at 20:00 for an open discussion on the subject Publishing the Web on the occasion of the publication of the six-monthly edition of the magazine NOMAS
  • March - May 2014 READ Rosarte at the World Choir Games - Support Greeces leading childrens choir to fulfill their dream and compete in the 2014 World Choir Games
  • Friday, 9 May 2014 READ STAND UP FOR U! A performance by 15 artists in aid of UNICEF and the children
  • 27.03.2014 READ World Theatre Day 2013 - Brett Baileys Message [International Theatre Institute (ITI) World Organization for the Performing Arts]
  • 21.02.2014 READ THE FLAVOURS WE GREW UP WITH OI GEYSEIS POY MEGALOSAME in bookshops and where else but in our kitchens from Andreas Lagos and Ellinoekdotiki Publications
  • Tuesday, 11 February 2014 ANNOUNCEMENT A theatrical performance by the inmates of Korydallos Prison An invitation to a Press Conference given by NGO Texnodromo and the Management of the Korydallos prison hospital at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation
  • 4.02.2014 READ MIKRES BOUKIES (BITE-SIZE) - Short stories by Katerina Andrianaki published by Gavrielides Books
  • 14.01.2014 READ The President of the Hellenic Republic attended the performance Half Jokingly by Giorgos Maniotis at the M. Cacoyannis Foundation
  • December 2013 READ CLAUDE DEBUSSY la musique a moi - A Book/CD about the French composer who so greatly influenced musical development out now from Utopia Records and Mikri Arktos Publications with the support of the MCF and the IFA
  • 4.12.2013 ANNOUNCEMENT MARIA CALLAS GRAND PRIX OPERA [4 - 11 October 2014]
  • 15.11.2013 READ "The Dead of August" by Panayotis Cacoyannis [Kindle Edition]
  • Thursday, 25 July 2013 READ The Internationally Acclaimed Director Alexander Payne watched Asteris Koutoulas film RECYCLING MEDEA at MCF
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