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Out of Dance Context - Photography exhibition by Yannis Skoulas

Time: 18:00 - 22:00

Official Opening: Thursday the 3rd of May 2012 at 21:30

Information at the Foundation's Box Office (Piraeus 206, Tavros) and over phone 210 3418579 Mon-Fri 11:00 - 14:00

Hall: Ground Floor Foyer


Artwork: Pina Bausch - Photography: Yannis Skoulas

Official Opening: Thursday, May 3rd 2012, at 21:30

Out of Dance Context
Yannis Skoulas
Duration: Thursday, April 26th to Monday, May 28th 2012

Yannis Skoulas
proposes a selection from his 24year photographic career regarding dance while the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation presents his best photographs of his.

With his lens, the photographer escapes from the established dance illustration context, attempting the transcendence in order to depict the sentiment of the eternal motion of bodies and souls.

The exhibition presents renowned artists of the international dance scene, ballets, dance theatres as well as any kind of dance ensembles, like Pina Bausch, Momix, Alvin Ailey, Tango por Dos, as well as the ballets of St. Petersburg, Lyon and Monte Carlo, as well as Greek groups.

In particular, Yannis Skoulas highlights:
How moments are captured ahead of the moment? How passion is conveyed while it flares up? How magic is highlighted before magical rounds off? How a photo becomes dancing?

As spectator I use to blink my eyelids and let myself admire whatever makes it to creep in. I like looking elsewhere, and surrender to whatever the peripheral vision offers.

In the years I was taking photos of ballets, dance-theatres and dance groups, I, myself, used to be on the stage as well, though being beneath it.

This way I saw, that there is throughout the art of dancing a decisive moment. And perhaps this is the way that a photo becomes dancing, happens to be moving without being blurred.

Tango por Dos - Photography: Yannis SkoulasAlvin Ailey - Photography: Yannis SkoulasEnglish National Ballet - Photography: Yannis Skoulas
Ballet Opera Paris - Photography: Yannis Skoulas
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