Zorba the Greek


Basil, a young English writer of Greek ancestry, meets an older, free-spirited Greek peasant named Zorba on the island of Crete. While Zorba pursues a relationship with Madame Hortense, an aging French courtesan, the inhibited Basil summons up the courage to court a young widow. The young, unhappy Englishman finds himself learning valuable life lessons from Zorba, the earthy peasant who has a zeal for everything he does.


7 Oscar Nominations (Best Film, Direction, Scenario Adapation, Photography, Scenery, Actor in Leading Role, Actress in Supporting Role_
3 Oscar Awards (Photography, Scenery, Actress in Supporting Role)
Golden Globe
International Critique Award


  • Starring:Antoni Quinn, Alan Bates, Lila Kedrova, Irini Papas, George Foundas, Eleni Anousaki, Sotiris Moustakas, George Voyatzis, Anna Kyriakou
  • :
  • Scenario/ Direction:Michael Cacoyannis (based on a novel by Nikos Kazantzakis)
  • Photography:Walter Lassaly
  • Music:Mikis Thodorakis
  • Scenery - Costumes:Vasilis Fotopoulos