Windfall in Athens


Mina (Helle Lambeti) is a charming salesgirl. She buys a lottery ticket, but she finds out soon that it has been stolen from her. Pavlos (George Pappas), a married lawyer, enamored with her, helps her to track down the ticket. After a while they discover it at a penniless musician's hands (Dimitris Horn), who had bought it from a street kid. When Alexis, the musician, wins the lottery, Mina claims the money with the help of the lawyer. Soon, Mina and Alexis fall in love.


Edinburgh Film Festival, Diploma of Merit


  • Starring:Ellie Lambetti, Dimitri Horn, George Pappas, Taso Kavadia, Sapho Notara, Chris Pateraki, Margarita georgiou, George Iordanides, Kostas Ferris
  • Original Story - scenario / Direction:Michael Cacoyannis
  • Photography:Alvize Orfanelli
  • Music:Andrea Anagnosti
  • Decor:Yannis Tsarouchis