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Film / TV / Web / VR
An initiative of MOR-VISUAL Inc and the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, in collaboration with international and national partners
The presentation of the International Festival LIFEART GLOBAL MEDIA FESTIVAL 2017, Film / TV / Web / VR, took place on Tuesday, October 18 2016, in the presence of artists and businessmen from Greece and abroad.
The event began with a welcome cocktail where the guests had the opportunity to meet and talk with the organizers of the Festival, and continued with a live unplugged performance by Omar Faruk Tekbilek who, accompanied by internationally renowned musicians from around the world, performed, in a first ever global presentation, his interpretations of Mikis Theodorakis' music.
The festival, which has just opened, provides a platform for filmmakers from around the world, to showcase their work to global audiences. The LifeArt Global Media Festival is an innovative initiative which covers the entire range of filmmaking media and  is amongst the few festivals in the world giving a space to and emphasizing new technologies in filmmaking including - besides cinema - Television production, Web TV and the Virtual Reality.
For the implementation of this ambitious venture, the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation has teamed up with Mor-Visual Inc, an L.A. based company specialized in artistic live-event production. Over the last few years Mor-Visual Inc has become dynamically involved in the U.S. film industry with the recent release of the movie “Criminal”, starring Kevin Costner, Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot. 
The event, which was held at the Cultural Center of the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, was honored by the presence of the renowned filmmaker Ariel Vromen (who has worked with famous Hollywood actors such as Kevin Kostner, Ryan Reynolds, James Franco, Gal Gadot, Gary Oldman, Tommy Lee Jones, Winona Ryder) and Yariv Lerner, CEO of Nu Boyana Film studios, one of the best known European film studios based in Sofia.
Yariv Lerner has already approved a budget in order to cover the production costs for the winner of the BEST SHORT FILM Award.
Also present at the event were George Papalexis (Zolotas House of Jewels) and Nikolaos Dafnis (General Shipping Services Ltd.), supporters of the LifeArt  Global Media Festival,
The LifeArt Global Media Festival also  grants its "Michael Cacoyannis Humanitarian Award" award to films that cover contemporary social issues.  The award was announced by the famous Greek actress, Pemi Zouni.
The announcement of the “Hellas Award”, a special prize dedicated to outstanding achievement by Greek film-makers was made by Ariel Vromen.
The films to be submitted should have been made within the last 2 years
Terms and conditions for  participation in the LifeArt Global Media Festival
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Deadlines for submission
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Supporters of the LifeArt Global Media Festival so far:
• Pune International Film Festival (India)
• Art Carnuntum International Festival and Symposion (Austria)
• Anima Syros international animation Festival
• Drama International Short Film Festival
Academics from the following Universities
• Peking University (China)
• Michigan University (USA)
• The Ohio State University (USA)
• Leeds University (UK)
• Nottingham UnIversity (UK)
• Massey University (New Zealand)
• Valladolid  University (Spain)
• IES Santísima Trinidad Baeza (Spain)
• China Film Archive
• Nu Boyana Film Studios 
• Gate Productions
• Zolotas 
• General Shipping Services
• Delifrance
• Clap the Restaurant
• M2 Event Design 
• Red Design Consultants
• ARD Films 
• Everbliss Music
• Songs to your Eyes
• Aegean Solutions
• Travelling News
• Taksidi 2 Greece
• Laskaris Haute Couture
• IWA Film and Theatre Productions
• Athens Plaza Hotel
• Titania Hotel
• Alexander`s Boutique Hotel of Oia
• Top Tourism
Organisations / Intstitutions:
• LIKE  - European Regions and Cities for Culture
• Scriptwriters Guild of Greece
• Ashoka Greece
• Mediterranean Film Institute
• Athens Information Technology
• BAM – La Bottega di Antonio Manta
• SOFIA Foundation
• Circus Dayz – The Circus School of Athens