Concerning certain articles that have been published in the last few days and which refer to photographs depicting both Pemy Zouny and the Internationally renowned director, Ang Lee, the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation would like to specify the following:


1. Since the beginning of its operation the Foundation has hosted hundreds of cultural events and performances both of Greek and foreign origin. Many of these events involved internationally renowned artists such as Francis Ford Coppola, Werner Herzog, Randal Kleiser, Aquila Theatre and more.

2. One of the basic and fundamental principles of the Foundation’s policy is mutual trust in its domestic and international colleagues and guests and faith in the contents of the proposals which are submitted as well as in the implementation by the production teams. Based upon this the proposals are then evaluated in accordance with the current conditions and within the aims of the Foundation as described in its statute.

3. The performance entitled “… and Juliet” starring Pemy Zouni, was a proposal by the production company “Art Tank” to take place at the Foundation. The proposal package included the concept, the production team list, as well as the in-depth specialized technical requirements of the venture (3D mapping projection). The Foundation evaluated the proposal as particularly interesting seeing as the collaborating team (Ang Lee, Pemy Zouni, Akis Dimou, Lefteris Pavlopoulos, Thodoris Economou et al.) are all renowned and highly recognized artists. The evaluation also took into consideration the high level of expertise of the creative team which undertook the preparation of the 3D mapping projection and the fact that for the “projection” of the three-dimensional set, the production team imported a high accuracy projector from abroad. As such there was no doubt about the credibility and quality of the performance in question.

4. As is standard procedure with hosted performances, the Foundation forwarded the photographic and other promotional material that was received by Ms Zouni and the production company of the performance.


Obviously the issue which arose from the article is of a serious nature and for that reason the Foundation has already taken the necessary actions in order that a satisfactory explanation be received and reserves its rights for any further actions deemed necessary.


For the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation Management.