Fest of Fests for young filmmakers and screenwise viewers.


Fest of Fests for young filmmakers and screenwise viewers

“Fest of Fests” is a brand new initiative of Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, based in Athens, Greece.  It proposes the formation of a network and online community with a social network structure, which will emphasize on the development of critical and informed viewers, through film and digital literacy.

“Fest of Fests” aspires to involve the essential European and international children- and youth film networks, national and transnational organizations which actively support filmmaking by youngsters, the academic community and of course the youth film festivals worldwide. The aim for “Fest of Fests” is to function as a forum for initiatives, exchange of practices and innovative ideas between the cultural organizations and associations, towards the support and development of the critical viewer through existent pathways of film and digital literacy.

"Fest of Fests" will also research and accurately map the workshops and initiatives pertaining to digital and media education for youngsters, which operate in the framework of youth film associations, festivals and other cultural organizations, as well as academic institutions. Annual meetings of the "Fest of Fests" community will bring together its active members and stakeholders, including experts and educators, institutions and festivals which organize film-making workshops for youngsters, as well as academics. The project will also provide a chance for participation of young filmmakers whose films have been awarded in annual international Youth film festivals.

First International Forum: June 25-28, 2018, Athens, Greece!

The opening of "Fest of Fests" will take place in June 25-28 2018, Athens, Greece. It will bring together young filmmakers with their award winning films, film festival directors, experts, educators and youngsters interested in cinema. A rich program comprising screenings, discussions and hands-on workshops will enable all guests to explore the perspectives deriving from current approaches to cinema and media education. Participating festivals and relevant cultural organizations will exchange their views and experiences in working with their younger audience in parallel with educating youngsters in monitoring and critical viewing of film production and image-based situations. They will also explore the new possibilities offered by digital technologies and social networking methodologies for taking the next step towards the development of screenwise viewers.

So let’s renew our commitment to the future!