All things are quite silent

A solo by Andonis Foniadakis

  • Theatre
A portrait, a creative research on a solo dance performance by Andonis Foniadakis based oh his own personal journey as a dancer and a choreographer.
it is focused on his unique artistry of human kinetics and his choreographic and visual aesthetic.
The performance is structured by three mains sections that marked the passage from the external to the internal,  the mystical universe of the subconscious  and finally it climaxes on the personal utopia of the creator/performer.
The music plays the part of an underground companion and the visual set up and art direction of the play are co-existing for the creation of an imaginary landscape where  transformation  mirroring and surrealism are producing a demanding but informative glance of human adaptability.
The piece was created on 2009 and has been performed in Berlin Germany  at Dock11 and Lyon France at Maison de la Danse and Ierapetra in Crete Greece during the Kyrveia Festival.


  • Choreography/ Performace:Andonis Foniadakis
  • Scenery/Dramatisation:Christodoulos Panayotou
  • Music :Julien Tarride
  • Lighting:Jerome Toumayre
  • Public relations:Virginia Katsouna
  • Production:APOTOSOMA, PRO4