Berlin: Symphony of a Great City by Walter Ruttmann ("Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Grosstadt") (1927)

6th Silent Film Festival with live musical accompaniment - Tribute: City Symphonies

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From Tuesday 16th to Friday 26th of June 2015
6th Silent Film Festival
with live musical accompaniment
Artistic Director: Alexandros Mouzas
in cooperation with STUDIO-Parallilo Kykloma, 
and its president, Christos Papadimitriou
at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

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Tuesday 16th June 2015, at 21:00 
Walter Ruttmann
Berlin: Symphony of a Great City 
(Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Grosstadt) (1927) (65’)

Direction: Walter Ruttmann
Screenplay: Karl Freund, Carl Mayer, Walter Ruttmann
Performing: Walter Ruttmann, Ivan Koval Samborsky, Renee Stobrawa, Grace Chiang, O. Idris

Synopsis: It is probably the most significant work of the german cinematic vanguard of the '20's. A radical experiment of editing that derives its material from the Berlin images of that era. Imaages for soft crescendo, andante, for metallic sounds. Tha movie shows us in five acts the life in Berlin during a day from 5 o' clock in the morning till late in the evening.

With live musical accompaniment

Ekkert (Christos Sakellaridis, piano, Konstantinos Skourlis, electronics)

Biographical notes

Christos Sakellaridis. He was born in Athens. He studied piano in the Liszt Academy in Budapest. He participates in concerts in Greece and abroad as a member of the piano duet Pincetic/Sakellaridis and the Ergon Ensemble. His occupation and love with contemporary music urged him to start composing his own music by using his piano with contmporary techniques and computers, trying always to preserve a natural and acoustic character. His collaboration with K. Skourlis started in 2014, and the soundtrack for the movie "The four horsemen of the apocalypse" for the Silent Film Festival in the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation was their first live cooperation. The duet named Ekkert will release their first recorded work by the company label Bastakyia Tapes in the summer of 2015.
Konstantinos Skourlis. He was born in Athens in 1988. Since 2013, he has worked in various projects in cooperation with many artists, choreographers and curators. His music can be characterised penetrating, with dense composition, based on guitars, amplifiers, chamber stringed organs, prepared piano and field recordings. In 2013 he was a cofounder of Bedouin Records, with Salem Rashid as a basic founder and curator. He started the "Ekkert" project in cooperation with Christos Sakellaridis. The first album of the project is expected to be released in 2015 by Bastakiya Tapes. Being extremely interested in the contemporary dance and music section, he was entrusted by the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation with the composition and the live music accompaniment of the silent film festival movies "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" by Rex Ingram and "Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Grosstadt" by Walter Ruttman. Both compositions are a part of the 5th and 6th Silent Film Festival organised by the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation. Now he is dealing with music for contemporary dance and the influence of the frequences on the human body. He has composed the music for "Orange", a contemporary dance performance, that was presented in the 5th "Athens Video Dance Project" in ASFA. He presented his last work in the international dance festival "Arc For Dance Festival" by composing music for the performance "Landscape Capsule" by Panagiotis Kalyvitis.


For the 6th year running, the Silent Film Festival, which is being organized by the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, becomes a meeting point of the history of the 7th art with the present. In the cinema hall of the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, once again, Michael Cacoyannis’ love for the origins of the art he served with such passion and the artistic value of these silent masterpieces are met by hundreds of cinephile.

At this 6th Festival, from the 16th until the 26th of June 2015, the leading roles are taken by Cities and  Music! Entitled “CITY SYMPHONIES” and under the art direction of Alexandros Mouzas, the films take the audience to Berlin of 1927, Paris, New York and Tokyo accompanied and guided by musical compositions by 12 different artists.

This year, what’s more, a concert has been arranged with the Ergon Ensemble and the conductor, Miltos Logiadis, with the works of the following:
  • Hanns Eisler: “14 ways to describe Rain” which will accompany the screening of the film Regen (1931)
  • Giannis Kyriakidis (Piece request ERGON – 2013) which will accompany the screening of Erik Satie’s film Anémic Cinéma.
  • “Cinema: Entr’acte symphonique du ballet Relâche  pour le film de René Clair Entr’acte (in a new orchestration especially for the concert), which will accompany the screening of the film Etr’acte.
  • Alexandros Mouzas (piece request ERGON – 2013), which will accompany the screening of the film Un Chien Andalou.

And so we have it;  silent films from the 1920s and “CITY SYMPHONIES”, with 20 poetic and experimental films which are trying to capture the aura of each city in a rich and unique tribute.

In cooperation with the STUDIO – Parallilo Kykloma and Christos Papadimitriou.

Tuesday 16th until Friday 26th of June 2015, daily at 21:00
6th Silent Film Festival
Accompanied by live music
Artistic Director: Alexandros Mouzas

The Michael Cacoyannis Foundation
Hall: Cinema
All of the screenings start at: 21:00
Free Entrance
Seats must be reserved: Tel: 210.34 18 579, Mon-Fri 11:00-14:00