«You are the shooter and hounds are dancing around you» [Bijoux de Kant]

3rd Low Budget Festival

  • Specially Configured Underground Level
A performance based on Giorgos Ioannou’s oeuvre.

Those who were stabbed are waiting for justice. Those who were robbed and ripped are waiting for justice, but justice is always late. Those who were robbed, ripped and exposed are waiting for the storm of tears. The blood must be washed down, but titter bursts out.

Those who were robbed, ripped, exposed and betrayed are waiting for us not to forget them. They do not want us laughing with the common enemy. Those who were stabbed are waiting for justice helplessly.


3rd Low Budget Festival

“During the no budget era… Low Budget Festival –for its third consecutive year- is ready to function according to artistic terms, and not by the terms of marketing. Low Budget Festival is ready to present the things that artists want, instead of businessmen. A company of friends has responded to the invitation and 10 new productions are about to begin at the Piraeus garage. These performances are going to attempt the connection between the essential and the primary. The theatre is its people, it is the charming complication of relationships at the stage, and it is the memories that are conveyed. Theatre is the excuse of what you are planning to say or the turmoil when you are in front of the audience for the first time… 3rd Low Budget Festival loves people that are dealing with theatre and it tries to support their creations…

Bless it be that way”.

Lakis Lazopoulos


  • Director:Giannis Skourletis
  • Music:Kostas Dalakouras
  • Cast:Stratos Gorgoglou, Ioulios Tziatas, Lena Drosaki