City Girl by F. W. Murnau (1930)

6th Silent Film Festival with live musical accompaniment - Tribute: City Symphonies

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From Tuesday 16th to Friday 26th of June 2015
6th Silent Film Festival
with live musical accompaniment
Artistic Director: Alexandros Mouzas
in cooperation with STUDIO-Parallilo Kykloma, 
and its president, Christos Papadimitriou
at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation

Booking is necessary

Thurdsay, 25th of June 2015, at 21:00
F. W. Murnau
City Girl (1930) (89’)
with english subtitles

Direction: F. W. Murnau
Screenplay: Marion Orth, Berthold Viertel from the book of Elliot Lester, the Mad Turtle 
Starring: Charles Farrell, Mary Duncan

Lem goes to Chicago to sell the wheat his family has grown on their farm in Minnesota. There he meets the waitress Kate. They fall in love and get married before going back to the farm… Murnau brilliantly distributed the roles and directed this drama proving once and for all the great loss of consideration that was only linked to the silent movies. 

with live musical accompaniment

T.I.M.E (The Improvisation Modal Ensemble)

Marietta Tsakmakli
Margarita Lampou 
Leonidas Papadomanolakis
Alexandros Dimitropoulos
Vasiliki Poulou
Giorgos Malefakis

Biographical notes

Τ.Ι.Μ.Ε. (The Improvisation Modal Ensemble). Τ.Ι.Μ.Ε. is an ensemble in the field of the so-called radical free improvisation, free improvisation with no condition or prearrangement. They act as a collective entity, having a main core and guest musicians depending on the condition of each event. They have cooperated with proffesional musicians as well as with children! The ensemble was created in 2013, but the last one and a half year, after a year of rehearsals, discussions, analysis, preparation, felt ready to perform their work in public. Sinc then, they have participated in more than 16 concerts and festivals in Athens and in the Greek province, while members of the ensemble have participated in sessions abroad. The ensemble was an organiser of the IMPRO FEST 2014, a festival of improvised/original music, while the preparations for the IMPRO FEST 2015 have already been made! It is the second time that T.I.M.E. participates in the Silent Film Festival. 


For the 6th year running, the Silent Film Festival, which is being organized by the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, becomes a meeting point of the history of the 7th art with the present. In the cinema hall of the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, once again, Michael Cacoyannis’ love for the origins of the art he served with such passion and the artistic value of these silent masterpieces are met by hundreds of cinephile.

At this 6th Festival, from the 16th until the 26th of June 2015, the leading roles are taken by Cities and  Music! Entitled “CITY SYMPHONIES” and under the art direction of Alexandros Mouzas, the films take the audience to Berlin of 1927, Paris, New York and Tokyo accompanied and guided by musical compositions by 12 different artists.

This year, what’s more, a concert has been arranged with the Ergon Ensemble and the conductor, Miltos Logiadis, with the works of the following:
  • Hanns Eisler: “14 ways to describe Rain” which will accompany the screening of the film Regen (1931)
  • Giannis Kyriakidis (Piece request ERGON – 2013) which will accompany the screening of Erik Satie’s film Anémic Cinéma.
  • “Cinema: Entr’acte symphonique du ballet Relâche  pour le film de René Clair Entr’acte (in a new orchestration especially for the concert), which will accompany the screening of the film Etr’acte.
  • Alexandros Mouzas (piece request ERGON – 2013), which will accompany the screening of the film Un Chien Andalou.

And so we have it;  silent films from the 1920s and “CITY SYMPHONIES”, with 20 poetic and experimental films which are trying to capture the aura of each city in a rich and unique tribute.

In cooperation with the STUDIO – Parallilo Kykloma and Christos Papadimitriou.

Tuesday 16th until Friday 26th of June 2015, daily at 21:00
6th Silent Film Festival
Accompanied by live music
Artistic Director: Alexandros Mouzas

The Michael Cacoyannis Foundation
Hall: Cinema
All of the screenings start at: 21:00
Free Entrance
Seats must be reserved: Tel: 210.34 18 579, Mon-Fri 11:00-14:00